Professor's urological consultation



What is the purpose of the consultation?

The purpose of independent professor consultation is both to obtain the first medical opinion on the patient's current state of health, to indicate the further path of disease diagnosis, as well as to verify or possibly change the currently used method of treatment in patients who already have full medical documentation. Thanks to many years of experience in treating the most difficult cases, the professor is able to indicate the optimal method of patient treatment during the consultation.

What is included in the professor's urological consultation?

  • medical interview – talking to the patient about his medical history, ailments or other reasons with which he came (e.g. preventive examinations, lifestyle). The doctor asks various questions to build his knowledge about the patient, then based on the information obtained decides what tests should be performed.
  • physical examination
    1. in women – palpation of the lower abdomen, perineum, urethral opening, lumbar region
    2. in men – examination of the external genitalia (with foreskin drainage), testicular examination, per rectum examination (finger through the rectum), palpating the size of the prostate gland (prostate), which should be performed on all men over 40 years of age.


10 - 20 minutes

Who should came for a urological consultation?

The professor's urological consultation is intended for people who suffer from::

  • pain when passing urine or pain around the kidneys, lower abdomen;
  • urinary incontinence;
  • pollakiuria;
  • changes in urine (proteinuria, hematuria, pus in urine, foamed urine, dark urine);
  • urine retention after voiding;
  • urination in several portions;
  • bladder diverticula;
  • problems with potency;
  • lesions, nodules, thickening of the penis or testicles;
  • phimosis, short frenulum;
  • other unusual urinary complaints;
  • urinary tract cancer, for patients with suspected disease, diagnosed and treated.

What to bring for professor's urological consultation

It is worth bringing the latest blood and urine tests, as well as the latest x-rays, ultrasound of the abdomen and other tests ordered by a doctor.


In the first instance, a doctor or professor consultation is required (registration form below)


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