Prostate masssage

Diagnostic method and supportive treatment for prostatitis.


What is the purpose of the procedure?

The purpose of the procedure is diagnosis and treatment of prostatitis.

How the procedure goes?

Prostate massage, as a diagnostic and therapeutic method, is performed as part of the per rectum examination, rectally, by a specialist proctologist or urologist. Anesthetic gel is applied around the anus. For the procedure, the patient takes an elbow-knee position or lies on his side.

Massage of the prostate consists in inserting the index finger into the patient's anus to locate the gland and start its manual stimulation. Massaging the prostate gently and slowly circular movements reminiscent of the technique of rubbing with classical massage. The procedure is performed from the outer edges of each prostate lobe, into the middle of the gland.

Duration of the procedure

15 - 30 minutes

Who is the treatment for?

  • for patients with suspected prostate inflammation
  • for patients in the chronic phase of prostatitis to remove secretions and reduce pressure in the prostate

Benefits of the procedure

  • confirmation of the diagnosis prostatitis
  • acceleration of treatment in the chronic phase of the disease

Additional information

Prostate massage should not be performed during the acute phase of bacterial prostatitis, with urethritis and urolithiasis. A complete bowel movement is recommended before the procedure.


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