Application of platelet rich plasma or fibrin to the vagina (O-Shot)

Safe and effective method of vaginal revitalization.


Application of platelet rich plasma or fibrin to the vagina (O-Shot)

Safe and effective method of vaginal revitalization.

What is the purpose of the procedure?

The effects of aging on our skin is associated with slowing down the renewal of body cells and their reduced ability to regenerate. Autologous methods using plasma and/or platelet rich fibrin use the autologous material of the donor (and also the recipient) for therapeutic purposes in many fields of medicine, including vaginal rejuvenation. Application of platelet rich plasma and/or fibrin improves the quality of skin and mucous membranes, among others, by activating the renewal of epidermal and mucosal cells, stimulating the production of collagen and hyaluronic acid and stimulating the formation of new blood vessels. All this makes the vaginal walls rejuvenated, firmer and better moisturized. Both methods are characterized by easy material availability and a simplified and quick procedure for obtaining the material. The difference between plasma and fibrin is that we can obtain fibrin in liquid and solid form, and we only obtain plasma in liquid form. Plasma remodels existing tissue, while fibrin revitalizes and replenishes tissue defects.

Before the procedure

Before the procedure with platelet-rich plasma or fibrin, there is a consultation with specialist, to exclude contraindications and determine the best method of treatment for the patient's problem. Current cytological examination (valid for 6 months) and current vaginal cleanliness assessment (valid for 1 month) are required. Before the procedure, drink 1-2 liters of still water to get a good filling of blood vessels. The procedure is performed under local anesthesia.

The course of the procedure

The procedure consists in collecting the patient's blood, which is then filtered in a specialized centrifuge according to a precisely defined protocol. After a few minutes, the main stage of the procedure begins, i.e. application of the obtained plasma and/or platelet rich fibrin by injection to soft tissues requiring regeneration.


The procedure lasts from 45 to 60 minutes.


  • reduction of vaginal tissue firmness due to hormonal changes during menopause and pregnancy or childbirth
  • decrease in sexual satisfaction during intercourse due to loss of vaginal wall tension
  • vaginal dryness
  • age-related vaginal mucosa atrophy
  • painful intercourses


Although the treatment with platelet rich fibrin and platelet rich plasma is safe due to its autologicity, it requires medical consultation and the exclusion of certain conditions or diseases in the patient. Those are:

  • blood diseases
  • cancers
  • inflammation of the skin
  • active herpes
  • anticoagulant treatment
  • taking aspirin
  • diabetes (unregulated)
  • acute conditions of autoimmune diseases
  • pregnancy and lactation

Benefits of the procedure

  • vaginal revitalizationn
  • improving the quality of skin and mucous membranes
  • firming and moisturizing the vaginal walls
  • improvement of skin elasticity, tension and density
  • remodeling of collagen fibers
  • improvement of skin blood supply
  • acceleration of healing processes after aesthetic medicine procedures

Effect duration

The effects of skin biostimulation with plasma and platelet rich fibrin are visible already after the first treatment within about 2-3 weeks after the surgery. To support them, it is recommended to perform a series of 4 treatments every 2-3 weeks.

Additional information

Shortly after the procedure, you may see tiny numerous protrusions resembling a droplet of water placed under the skin. These marks will gradually disappear within a few hours of surgery.


In the first instance, a doctor or professor consultation is required (registration form below)


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