A simple way to detect the causes of incorrect urination.


What is the purpose of the test?

A quick, non-invasive and painless test, which aims to identify the disorders responsible for incorrect urination.

What does the test involve?

Uroflowmetry is a test to determine the urinary flow of urine. The patient in intimate conditions urinates to the flow meter, which then subjects the urine stream to analysis, measuring its volume and flow rate. Then the device creates a graph, called the voiding curve, on which characteristic parameters are presented. Ready results are interpreted by a urologist. After uroflowmetry, abdominal ultrasound is performed to assess urine retention after voiding.

Duration of the test

15 minutes

Who is the test for?

The study is intended for people who suffer from:

  • urinary incontinence;
  • pollakiuria;
  • urine retention after voiding;
  • urination in several portions;
  • bladder diverticula;

In addition, the test is performed on patients in whom we assess:

  • the effects of pharmacological or surgical treatment of benign prostatic hyperplasia

Benefits of the test

What disorders can diagnose the test:

  • urinary incontinence - determination of the type of disorder
  • stones or other obstructions in the urinary tract
  • bladder detrusor muscle disorder
  • reduced coil resistance

Additional information

you should report with a full bladder


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