Kidney removal

The procedure to remove the kidney along with the adipose capsule of kidney and adrenal gland, and excision of the lymph nodes along the length, is the gold standard in the successful treatment of kidney cancer.


Who is the kidney removal intended for?

Radical kidney removal is intended for patients with organ-restricted or locally advanced kidney cancer - no metastases to other organs or tissues.

What is a kidney removal (nephrectomy)?

Nephrectomy is an operation that aims to exclude a diseased kidney. Depending on the patient's state of health and the degree of dissemination of the disease, the procedure can be carried out using two methods: classical open technique or laparoscopic kidney removal. In open surgery, a subcostal (left or right) incision is used. In addition to the organ involved in cancer, the surrounding fatty tissue is also excised. Your doctor may also need to remove your adrenal gland during surgery.

Laparoscopic nephrectomy is a technique of minimally invasive surgery, involving the introduction into the abdominal cavity of surgical instruments and a video camera through small incisions of 0.5-2cm and assessing the changed organ and removing it. The advantage of this treatment technique is the shorter recovery time of the patient and the lower number of postoperative complications.


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